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Fleur de Lys Penthouse

June 2009

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ice_plum in fdl_penthouse

The Girl Who Can't Sit Down


Shuffling into the confession booth, Fleur makes an attempt at sitting down but, unable to even bend her legs in the jeans she wore to judging, descides instead to stand as she faces the camera, giggling.

"Oh, wow." She nods, "The elimination was... okay, surprisingly. I mean, the judges gave me a few critiques, but... I think they were quite constructive. Plus, considering the risk I took with the shoot, they were definitely worth it!"

Her smile widens. "I'm just so pleased with myself. I've said it before but I'll say it again: I feel like I could... you know, be a real model! Like Mae or Lyra~! After the nerd shoot I was determined to better myself but was still wary of my potential. Now, after this shoot and the last, I really do think I miiiight just have what it takes. I want to get as far as possible, y'know? That'd be oh so lovely."

Habitually moving to brush her hair out of her eyes before realizing it's slicked back already, the girl makes a frown, holding up a small peach-coloured rose to the camera. "Lehana's elimination, um... It was rather bittersweet, I suppose. It's sad to see a girl let down but I think Mae was right; she really didn't have her heart in it. Despite how completely stunning and tall and modelesque she is, you could see it in her eyes when she was eliminated. She was like, completely fine with it..."

Trailing off, Fleur looks to the side for a moment before perking up. "Anywaaay, I think I'm going to put this flower next to Krystal's on the coffee-table. It's peach-coloured because that was Lehana's topic this week and, well, I think it's a nice way to pay respect to all the eliminated girls."

"Hm. But, uh... Yeah. As I was saying, I'm super proud of my current progress. I'm slowly getting more confident around the other girls and I'm so so excited to see where the competition takes me! I'd love to survive up until we head abroad -if we do go overseas, that is. I mean, could you imagine what it'd be like? Little Fleur in a place like Rome or Tokyo? It would be...guh, amazing! I'd love to go to France, actually; get in-touch with my heritage. How cool would a final runway challenge on a parisian catwalk be? It'd be me and Vivi in gorgeous gowns, flashing lights all ar--!

...-o-oh, why Vivienne? Well, to be honest... I really do love all the girls left, but I think I've definitely bonded with her the most. She's such a sweet, underrated figure in this competition; I'm so glad I've been given the oppurtunity to meet her. Really."

Sighing blissfully, Fleur tilts her head to the side. "Anyhow, enough about my thoughts, lord knows you've probably heard enough! I think I'm going to head off to bed now. It's getting late and I need at-least an hour to take these jeans off. They're so tight! Teehee."



((I think Fleur has really grown the most in this competition, you're doing a fabulous job, keep it up! I'm starting to worry about Junes progression in comparison to you, that and I'm gonna have to be literally be pulling my submissions from here on out of my ass cause I have no means of accessing the candybar site. So we'll see how far that can take me! Heh, i'm so positive arent I? My apologies, i've been under alot of stress lately.))
I don't think this would be fair. :( If you want, I can help you with sending you which doll images you need for your submissions.
Thanks, and I'll definitely keep that in mind. IF the judges allow it.
(Awh, thank you so much! I feel so bad for you and your situation; I totally agree with Letitia. If you need any assistance with anything, I'd be totally happy, too, to send you any wanted doll images.)
Like I told Leticia, I'll keep that in mind, but only if the judges allow it.
I figured I'd try and keep my head afloat in this competition doing what I can with what I have instead of just dropping out. I dont like it when other girls just drop out and I dont want to do that. I'd rather stick it out for as long as I can.
I think we should form our own little underdog club, ahaha. But I have faith in Natalia -- she has a very beautiful, unique look and I think that will get her far. She's really grown since the first photo shoot.
Aw, thanks. ♥ I wouldn't worry too much, If I were you. Natalia has so much potential; she keeps getting better and as long as you're striving to improve and not giving up, I think you'll be fine! She really looked quite pretty this shoot.
An hour? Deary Fleur, I do hope you're not in dire need of using the washroom!
That too! XD
O-oh, don't worry! If worse comes to worse I'll get some scissors and cut myself out of them :B
I think you might be my new favourite person, just so that you know <3

Just as Fleur was leaving the confessional room, Vivienne happened to amble by (in a sweatshirt and shorts, no less).

"Oh -- Fleur, comment ca va? ...Were you thinking about Lehana?"

Fleur smiles politely at Vivienne as she closes the door to the confession room, placing a hand gently on her hip.

"Oh, yeah... It's hard not to, really. She was the biggest presence in the house by far~"