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Fleur de Lys Penthouse

June 2009

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ice_plum in fdl_penthouse

The Girl Who Already Misses the Eliminated Model.

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"Ohh." Still in her outfit from the elimination, Fleur sighs as she slumps onto the living room's couch, eyes glistening from crying. "The elimination was kinda' bittersweet, y'know? June was so lucky last week; she got the first callout and didn't have to worry about any of the girls leaving. I... well. I'm so happy that I've improved, but... The fact that someone got eliminated -someone so sweet and well-mannered- upsets me. I wish she was still here."

"Krystal was lovely. And... after last week's panel, she had been so upset! She wanted to improve so badly and...guh. Now she's gone -kapoof! Her makeover was so good, too!" Frowning, Fleur closes her eyes for a moment, regaining her composure before reopening them, placing her plastic flower -blue, just like Krystal's hair- on the coffee table in front of her. "Anywaaaay, I guess that's just how the competition goes. Like Mae said, someone did have to go and...it happened to be Krystal. I really think she has a good career in front of her as a commercial model. Definitely."

Looking up from the coffee table, Fleur offers a half-hearted giggle, tilting her head to the side. "What did you girls think of the elimination?"


"Aw." Fleur simpered, tilting her head to the side blissfully at Vivienne's compliment. "Thank you so much! I loved your shot, too. I it was so...what's the word... Fierce! Hee~ Your hair is so powerful and unique now! I'm envious."