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Fleur de Lys Penthouse

June 2009

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The supermodel with a wise word

Since the last elimination, the mood in the house was lethargic to say the least; Krystal had been a popular, cheerful housemate and her presence was sorely missed. At around noon, the sound of stiletto heels could be heard on the penthouse steps as the elevator doors opened...


"Hi ladies!" Mae chuckled as the girls sat up, suprised that their host and mentor had popped in for a visit. "How're are you all? Let's all meet on the sofas!"

Mae made herself and the girls a pot of tea as she sat down, sipping from a teacup in a rather British manner (much to Emmeline's delight).

"So girls what's going down? I've visited today because, well I know how you guys felt when we eliminated Krystal, she's a lovely girl but like I said, this is a competition and each week somebody must go home. But that's besides the point, I'm here to answer any questions about the modelling world, advice, tips, anything! And also, I feel like I need to get to know you guys a bit better, after all, the new face of Fleur de Lys needs personality in addition to beauty! So come on hit me, whose first?"


While sitting with the girls, Emmeleine takes a moment to watch the others. "Cunning, Emm" she thinks to herself, "I must remain aware, and cunning, at all times. Be yourself. Do as the nightingale might do as it sweetens its voice for the amusement of the midnight forest creatures. They must accept you as one of their own. Listen, and learn."

Emmeleine sips her tea, and waits. Listens, and waits. Sip. Sip. Si...oh bother... the tea is gone. Emmeleine glances at Mae. Mae, just finishing answering a question asked by Fleur, looks at Emmeleine and smiles with her beautiful green eyes. Emmeleine purses her lips, and clutches her skirt.

Then, with clenched teeth in efforts to garner some semblance of a smile, she asks,

"How do you feel about modeling in a fashion that is against your being, or morals? For example, and I am merely using a completely hypothetical example here...say you despised happiness but were asked to take part in a...sickeningly happy photoshoot?" Emmeleine clears her throat and continues, "How would you fake happiness that you so deep down inside lack henceforth, and fool those around you into thinking you are something you are vehemently not?"
Mae took a moment to contemplate, and twisted her mouth in thought.
"Being an a model is being a chameleon; if you're asked to act happy as a children's presenter and you're the complete opposite in real life, you do it. The photographer, the client, the crew, they are all relying on you to convey a certain meaning, and if you don't perform then you're simply not doing your job. For example, I had a shoot recently were I had to act like a complete bitch, grabbing men by the hair, frowning and look generaly moody; I'm not like that at all, but you have to act the way they ask."
((Oh boy...Why does Emmeline remind me of Wednesday Addams gone evil? XD))