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Fleur de Lys Penthouse

June 2009

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the girl who recites poetry

Vivienne opens the door to the confessional room, pokes her head in, looks around, and finally seats herself inside it. She fiddles with her scarf before turning to the camera.

“A…bit of a sad elimination yesterday night,” she says, sighing. “I’m going to miss Krystal a lot – she was really spunky and bubbly, and honest too.”

“You know what? I was just about to vomit there for a while, I was so frightened about being eliminated. But the judges seem to think that there’s something in me, and they had some really good criticism that I’ll surely take to heart next time – I think my biggest enemy right now is my own head. Going into the shoot I was thinking about how I needed this on my head and this chain on my dress, but looking back I see I worried myself out of a good photo.” She laughs. “One thing I’m glad about is that my nerves didn’t show through, taking a photograph with my neck showing. I felt really exposed but in the end it seems it turned out okay.”

She looks down to some pictures in her lap. “I brought some pictures of my family, if you don’t mind…”

“This is an old picture of Mama, from before we left France. I think I got her hair, no? …Mama wants to be a writer, so hopefully that will turn out well. She’s very talented. She has a new boyfriend, but I’ve yet to meet him – they both work at the same publishing company, and I wish them the best.”

“This is a picture of me from when Papa and I first came to America. I call this my pink phase.” She smiles. “Don’t I look silly? That scarf was my first. I bought it in Paris the day before we left…I started wearing scarves when we got to America. I feel a little bare without them on. The right scarf goes well with anything, even a pink miniskirt and boots, no?”

“This is my Papa. He’s a groundskeeper – a janitor – at the high school I went to. He’s very proud and he raised me to be proud of myself. He dreams of being a teacher, but his English is quite poor…he’s looking for opportunities teaching French Immersion right now. I love him very much.”

She puts the pictures down and smoothes out her hair. “The road is a little bumpy right now, but it’s nothing I can’t handle. I’m enjoying myself very much, and I’m learning a lot – about myself and about the industry. It may be a while before I’m used to this colour of hair, but I understand that it’s very high fashion, and I like the new length. It’s very light.” She pauses. “I suppose I’ve taken up enough of your time. Let’s make a little prayer for me, then.”

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