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Fleur de Lys Penthouse

June 2009

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The Girl Who Couldn't Sleep.


"Sorry I'm in here so late," Fleur whispers, playing with the hem of her nightgown, "It's just, teehee, I haven't been able to sleep. Lehana has been practicing her runway walk in the hallway all night!"

"Anywaaay," She sighs, "I thought I'd take this time to talk about a few things. That's what these confessionals are for, right? Just my thoughts on the elimination and, well. I thought I might talk about my family, too."

"So, I survived being the first girl eliminated (then again, so did everyone *cough*)! I didn't do very well, but y'know what, that's okay. I know I have a very...surreal look about me, and that doesn't always translate well in photos." Fleur smiles, before blushing, "At the same time, though, it was so nice to be given praise by Mae. She's so... Guh. She's an entity. And to know she has faith in my abilities makes me feel so much better about myself. I really am trying... I want to show the other judges that."

"But yeah," Perking up, Fleur straightens her posture, placing both hands on her lap. "The elimination was an experience, that's for sure! I haven't gotten a chance to speak with Letitia yet but she has an amazing look. It's so cat-like, almost... Animalistic. I know she seems really commercial in person but I think high-fashion will be her forte. She's one to look out for."

"Hm..." Trailing off, Fleur glances around the room for a moment before jumping a little. "Oh! Right! I was going to show you this."

Reaching for a piece of paper sitting at her side, the pale girl flashed it towards the camera.


"This is me with my father, Gabriel and my older sister, Claire. Our mother passed away during my birth so it's just us three living in little ol' Sequim, but I'm fine with that. My sister is what you'd call the smart child, haha -she has quite an avid interest in herpetology, so much so that she works as a field researcher. She's often traveling so I haven't gotten to see her much lately, but we were close as children, despite the six year age gap.

My father works as a university professor, and he's the reason I would've taken teaching up as a career had Fleur De Lys not come my way."

"So, um. Yeah." Fleur tilts her head to the side, simpering. "I think Lehana has stopped clopping around in those heels of hers now, so I might go to bed. I do need sleep, you know! We have a challenge coming up soon and...oh, my, possibly makeovers! It's so scary but so exciting, all at the same time. I can't wait to see what the competition puts us through next!"

Waving, Fleur offers one last giggle before leaving.