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Fleur de Lys Penthouse

June 2009

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rosaelena258 in fdl_penthouse

We knew this moment would have to come to pass...
And now the time has come...
Nobody will leave unchanged...
This will effect your mind, body and soul...

Judges can come too.  If they bring something consumable.


*pokes her head around the corner*

Quoi de neuve? Did someone say something about pizza?
"I don't know your croissant language, but I sure as hell know we're gonna nom some pizza in this joint!!!!" Gabby gives Vivienne a dramatic thumbs up. "Hooooowever, the pizza guy said 20-30 minutes....sooooo... JAMS AND SODA FIRST!"
She runs over to the nearest sound making object and pops in a Rage Against the Machine CD.
"Hey! It's not a-" Vivienne is speaking to Gabby's back, so she drops it and grabs a Sprite, popping it open before heading to the center of the room and joining the revelry.

(Oh, you know- this isn't your mother's partying. This is revelry.)
"Dance my pets! Dance!" Gabby spins Vivienne around wildly. "Shake that little blonde tushy you have!"
A bit too shy to join in on any full-blown partying, Fleur floats into the room, daintily placing herself on one of the out-of-the-way arm chairs. Smiling, she takes a small sip from a can of diet soda.
Gabby runs over, noticing Fleur sitting to the side. "This ain't a time for dieting!" She grabs the soda and places it on a nearby table, then grabs Fleur's hand and hauls her onto the dancefloor forcefully. "You ain't gonna miss the fun, I won't allow it! Now shake yo groove thing, shake yo groove thing, yea yea! I know ya got it in you, Flowa girl!"
"O-oh, okay-!" Fleur had little time to offer even a smile as Gabby hauled her onto the dancefloor. Eyes widening, she stood still for a moment before grinning, beginning to dance in her own awkward sort of way. "Hee~"
"Lookit you, girl. I knew you had it in ya. Where'd you learn to bump?"
"Oooh...It's so gonna be gym and working out for us to burn all those calories. But later," the navy-haired girl grinned and sipped her soda.
"It is NOT time to focus on your weight. We are skinny enough as it is, fillin your tummy with pepperoni for one night of partying isn't gonna screw you up!" Gabby grins and downs a Mountain Dew, tossing the empty can towards a bag of recycling. "Drink up, Blue! We're gonna make a noise violation!"
"And get reported to the police? Now, that's something tabloids would love!" she laughed, finishing her drink and throwing the empty can into the recycling bag. "Okay. Dancing now!" She flipped her hair and headed off to the dancefloor.
"That would make us the coolest models ever on FDL!"
So how many pizzas did you order Gabby? I hope not too many, we do have to watch our figures... But one night of fun won't ruin them! *Calla gives Gabby a hug and then starts randomly dancing around the room*
She returns the hug merrily. "I think I ordered bout 10. That's not too many, plus, cold pizza is the shiiiiiznits! Stop worrying about your weight, we can SO nom how we want. Besides, the boys like a little uh-junk in thuh tuh-runk!" Gabby slaps her ass then shakes it.
"True dat!" Calla calls from across the room, turning up the music and doing a little dance in a circle. "The guys all like junk in the trunk, but will the judges? Granted, I take my boyfriend's opinion on my body more seriously, I only take the judges opinions in this competition and on my photos and challenge and stuff..." Calla says, dancing closer to Gabby. "I call the pepperoni!"
"I will BEAT you for it!"