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Fleur de Lys Penthouse

June 2009

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katurine in fdl_penthouse

The girl with the dramatic navy hair

Krystal paced around the confessional room, tugging on a lock of hair and twirling it around her index finger. She was still tensed up with the results and the judges' comments.
"You may think I'm making excuses. Yes, probably indeed I am. Maybe I really shouldn't be here. But tell me...WHAT on Earth does a Class President look like? I mean...you see a goth and you can easily tell it's a goth. Same with a prep or nerd, or jock. What kind of an outfit and pose makes a Class President? Okay, I might have been too dramatic. But what should I do? Just stand there, next to a VOTE FOR KRYSTAL poster, looking pretty? Then they'd probably tell me I wasn't posing at all. Lord..." she sighed, shaking her head. "But, round one is over. I was trying my best and failed this time. Next time I'll have to try harder. Thanks to Letitia I have this chance. Her joining us was like a deus ex machina thing. It wasn't intentional, but she saved me and Suki from getting cut, and I'm not gonna forget that," she nodded. A small smile started to appear on her face again and she left the room.


Not having many friends in the house, Fleur immediately noticed Krystal's tense demeanor as she left the confessional booth. Offering a reassuring smile, the pale girl tilted her head playfully as she spoke.

"Everything okay, Krystal?"
"Hm? Oh, yes, I'm fine. I guess I've never been under so much pressure. The elimination, the comments, the fact it's really difficult to portray a Class President...I think my pride got wounded," the girl smiled embarassed.
"Aww," Fleur nodded, empathizing the blue-eyed girl. "It was a very hard photoshoot, and the judges... Well, they can be so cruel."

She lets out a high-pitched, nervous giggle after saying her last comment, flushing a little. "But I think they do it out of love... They have been in the industry a long time and, well, just think. Three of the girls who were in the bottom four happened to be three of the youngest in the competition! I think we just need to relax and focus -makeovers are coming soon! Hopefully they'll set us on track."
"Yes, you are probably right," she nodded, then pouted a little, yet again playing with a lock of her hair. "Right, the makeovers...I do hope they won't make me change my hair that much...I am quite fond of the way it is now."
"Oh, really?" Fleur giggles again, "Yeeeah. I'm up for a change, I just hope it's in good taste. I haven't had my hair cut since I was twelve, and the colour is quite special to me. It, well. It is me. My albinism is my edge; it's all I have over these other girls at the moment."
"Of course it'll be in good taste. They know what they're doing...even if we aren't so sure about it sometimes," Krystal winked at the other girl.
"Krys, is it okay if I call you that? I'm gonna call you that despite your ansower. Krys, I really liked your picture. Very chic!" Gabby ambles over after the confession. "I say all we girls take a much needed breath, judging always gets me on edge. Any ideas?"
"Well...I guess I don't mind you calling me that if I don't have much of a choice anyway," she laughed. "Thanks. You looked really cute. I guess we could go to some club, if I were three years older."
"Ahh, you're a chitlin, aren't you? Let's see, Krys...how bout we not go out but stay in! Get us some decor, music, drin--erm...sodas! That's what kids drink these days, isn't it? We'll trash this mother trucker and not wake up early tomorrow." Gabby grins mischievously
"If you put it this way...Sounds good to me. Let's get the other girls, I think we all need some fun tonight."
June pops her head in the room...."Did someone say, 'decor, music drin--sodas?! I'm in! All this anticipation has gotten my undies in a knot."