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Fleur de Lys Penthouse

June 2009

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The Girl With Hair as Pale as Her Temper.

Silently floating into the confessional, Fleur let off a smile as she sat down, brushing her hair from her eyes.


“So, the competition has finally begun!” She could barely contain her excitement, clapping her fingers together a few times. “I’m like, really excited! I’ve never done anything like this in my life, it’s such a change for me. Coming into the auditions I was quite wary, I didn’t know whether I’d made the right decision but…seeing Mae there was just wow. Lovely. On TV she seems so demure, so…soft, y’know? It’s shocking to see how tall she is in person!”

Laughing, the pale girl placed her hands on her lap, leaning forward a little. “I’m just really excited, I guess. It was so fun meeting all the girls, even though they’re rather intimidating, I think.” Glancing to the floor for a short moment, Fleur bought her eyes back to the camera, offering a nervous simper. “I’ve never really considered myself a model. I have a big forehead and pouty lips, not to mention my flaming red eyes! When you compare that to Calla’s perfect skin or Lehana’s beautiful green irises, I kinda’ look like a transparent fish, don’t I?”

She giggles again, blushing. “But no. I really hope I do well. It sounds silly, but I’d hate to be eliminated first. I want to get to know everyone and improve!~ That’d be great.”

She smiles, trailing off before the confessional is left in silence for a few minutes. After a while, the cameraman mumbles something and Fleur’s eyes widen, the girl making a small gasp. “Oh! Sorry. I don't really know what else to talk about. I… I suppose I should talk about what I think of my competition, yes?”

She bit her lip, looking up at the ceiling. “Well… From what I can tell, Natalia is a really lovely girl. Very quiet, but she has such amazing legs, and I love her eyes. They’re unique, y’know? I’ve never seen someone with ones like them, they’re so green!”

She laughs, taking a moment to remember the other contestants. “Oh, I really like Vivi. She has beautiful hair, and she’s French like me! I mean, I don’t speak the language nor do I know much about it, but… I’d like to learn more. I really hope she stays a while! She was so nice to me while we were waiting at the commercial shoot.

I think Suki is rather interesting, if not only because she’s quite like my opposite, isn’t she? I like white, she likes black. I like girly things, she likes gothic. In a way I’m a little scared of her! But she is stunning in person, I can definitely vouch for her on that.”

Nodding in agreement with herself, Fleur continues. “My, there’s quite a lot of girls this season, isn’t there! I’ve only spoken about three! Krystal is an interesting model, I think. She’s so little! It’s lucky she manages to conceal it in photos, otherwise I don’t think she’d really make it in this field.

Calla is quite pretty, too. I don’t really know much about her, but she seems sweet. She's a few years older than me and rather experienced, so, yeah. I think she deserved to win the challenge.”

Sighing, Fleur rolls her eyes, laughing. “Sorry, I’m taking so long! I know, I know. There’s just so many girls to talk about! Emi is such a classic beauty. I haven't been able to pronounce her name so I shortened it, teehee! She seems quite scared and…weird. Like, is her accent real? She says it is, but… compared to Krystal, she sounds like she’s trying to be British! I don’t think she likes me very much. I mean, she seems sort of…depressed.

The rest of the girls are interesting. Um, June seems nice. I haven’t really spoken to her, mostly because she seems close to Gabrielle, who…well. Intimidates me.” Fleur blushes, covering her face with her hands. “Gabby is very confident. I get a little overwhelmed by her because she’s very in-your-face. Very hooch. I… yeah. She’s a lot like Lehana, actually. That girl is so fierce, but sometimes I feel she models too overtly. My father would be…devastated, really, were he to see me walking about in clothes like that!”

Taking in a big breath of air, Fleur chuckles as she relaxes in her seat, scratching the back of her head with her arm. “Um, yeah. I suppose that’s all I can say about the girls for now. I hope I get more confident because at the moment I’ve only really spoken to a few of them and already I'm overwhelmed, as you can see! I… Yeah. They’re lovely, so we’ll see what happens.”

Giggling again, Fleur makes a peace sign with her hands. "Fleur out!"


(I'll probably do a post where Fleur talks about her background later -for now, it's all about the girls! :D Sorry it's so long XDDD)