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Jun. 18th, 2009

star driver ;; & the galaxies


(no subject)

(Enter Vivienne, looking extremely unfashionable. She looks around, clears her throat, and makes a declaration to the house.)

"Seeing as we've now survived two eliminations, I think une soirée-pyjama is in order...pull out your PJs and a pillow, put on some music and let's party!"

Jun. 17th, 2009


The Girl Who Can't Sit Down


Shuffling into the confession booth, Fleur makes an attempt at sitting down but, unable to even bend her legs in the jeans she wore to judging, descides instead to stand as she faces the camera, giggling.

Fleur's thoughts on elimination and ~the future~ ohohohoCollapse )

May. 12th, 2009


Top Models In Action


Monique Stratford, the fierce oriental beauty from England, was a contestant on the first cycle of Fleur De Lys. Chosen for her strong features and powerful personality, the girl created controversy in the house for holding grudges against several, if not all of her fellow contestants –most notably the winner, Harley Tavares.

Despite a strong personality and an amazing runway walk, the girl was deemed unfit to represent Fleur De Lys after a string of mediocre photoshoots, placing sixth overall.

After her elimination, the tearful girl noted that she would make a name for herself and that she wasn’t going down without a fight –following Mae’s advice and vowing to never lose her confidence.

Let’s see what she’s been up to since then.

Moniques career.Collapse )

(Hahaa, I did this as a little bit of retarded fun. I thought it would be cool to see what all of the eliminated models have been up to since they were cut. I mean... They have such cool looks and personalities; it's sad that they're all just forgotten once a cycle ends. You guys should make ones for your models! It'd be so cool, hee~

ALSO, this being a Top Models In Action, of course, it has totally omitted all the bad stuff from Monique’s career, like her appearing on Holden of Love some crappy reality show, or generating controversy after throwing a shoe at a poor store clerk. XD)

Apr. 25th, 2009



The supermodel with a wise word

Fierce!Collapse )

Apr. 24th, 2009

star driver ;; & the galaxies


the girl who recites poetry

Vivienne opens the door to the confessional room, pokes her head in, looks around, and finally seats herself inside it. She fiddles with her scarf before turning to the camera.

“A…bit of a sad elimination yesterday night,” she says, sighing. “I’m going to miss Krystal a lot – she was really spunky and bubbly, and honest too.”

Vivienne’s thoughts about elimination, plus some old pictures.Collapse )

Apr. 23rd, 2009


The Girl Who Already Misses the Eliminated Model.

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"Ohh." Still in her outfit from the elimination, Fleur sighs as she slumps onto the living room's couch, eyes glistening from crying. "The elimination was kinda' bittersweet, y'know? June was so lucky last week; she got the first callout and didn't have to worry about any of the girls leaving. I... well. I'm so happy that I've improved, but... The fact that someone got eliminated -someone so sweet and well-mannered- upsets me. I wish she was still here."

Thoughts on elimination.Collapse )

Mar. 29th, 2009

star driver ;; & the galaxies


When all else fails, do an impersonation.

I'd like to apologize in advance to Emmi-mun. I do this out of LOVE.

Vivienne, having successfully raided a (decorative) wig stand, sauntered into the living room.

"Oh, isn't it a delightfully dreadful day today? Shall we all drink tea and eat crumpets while composing poetry and saluting the Queen?"

Vivienne's French accent makes her fake British accent sound even sillier.

Mar. 13th, 2009


The Girl Who Couldn't Sleep.


"Sorry I'm in here so late," Fleur whispers, playing with the hem of her nightgown, "It's just, teehee, I haven't been able to sleep. Lehana has been practicing her runway walk in the hallway all night!"

"Anywaaay," She sighs, "I thought I'd take this time to talk about a few things. That's what these confessionals are for, right? Just my thoughts on the elimination and, well. I thought I might talk about my family, too."

Fleur's thoughts on whatever.Collapse )

Mar. 12th, 2009



(no subject)

We knew this moment would have to come to pass...
And now the time has come...
Nobody will leave unchanged...
This will effect your mind, body and soul...

Judges can come too.  If they bring something consumable.


The girl with the dramatic navy hair

Krystal paced around the confessional room...Collapse )

Feb. 21st, 2009

star driver ;; & the galaxies


the girl who is probably too nervous for her own good

Vivienne adjusted her glasses and braided a strand of her hair in her hands. The first challenge had gone surprisingly well- despite being so nervous that she almost started saying her commercial in French, the judges had found it okay. Maybe she should stop worrying and get to know the other girls. She waited for an opportune lull in the conversation and spoke up.

"So, how are you finding the competition so far?"

Feb. 8th, 2009


The Girl With Hair as Pale as Her Temper.

Silently floating into the confessional, Fleur let off a smile as she sat down, brushing her hair from her eyes.


So...Collapse )

(I'll probably do a post where Fleur talks about her background later -for now, it's all about the girls! :D Sorry it's so long XDDD)

Jun. 18th, 2008

Candy Model: Clemendy


Apply to Project Candybar now!

Introducing projectcandybar - Project Runway for the Candybar Dolls!

The application for the first round has begun - apply now!
[Open till June 30, 2008.]

May. 21st, 2008



Party in the Green Room!!!

Zoe with drinks in hand, jumps on one of the beds and yells..."Whooohooo...Party!!!"  

As she takes a sip of her tasty alcoholic beverage concoction, she says, "Wow, I totally needed this, I was slowly losing my mind with these last two challenges.....now where is Harley and Tori, we need to get going if we're gonna party!!"

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